What is Payme Rewards?

Payme Rewards is a platform that at its core helps your money go further via a fantastic range of shopping savings. You can access a range of savings, covering retailers within categories such as Electronics, Fashion, Travel, Restaurants, Food & Groceries and many more! Free competitions including a monthly lotto.

By using the reloadable gift cards, digital vouchers, paper vouchers and online offers you will be able to save on your everyday shopping and with no cashback limit, the saving potential is endless.

You even have a fuel card enabling savings to be made at over 1,200 forecourts throughout the UK! The 24/7 GP helpline provides you with round-the-clock access to a qualified GP via a telephone helpline where GPs can provide advice, reassurance or guidance on a wealth of medical matters, at a time to suits you.

Personal Accident Insurance – Up to £50,000 of cover in the event of death or serious permanent injury whilst at work or traveling to/from. It also offers weekly payments of up to £300pw after a 2 week qualifying period in the event of being unable to work due to an injury received whilst at work.

What is Payme Rewards?

  • Reloadable gift cards

    Offering cashback every time you top up your retailer card.

  • Print & Save

    Voucher offers with savings at restaurants and retailers.

  • Vouchers

    High street retail vouchers

  • Instant digital vouchers

    Great when out and about and wanting to do something in the moment.

  • Online vouchers, cashback and promotions

    Offering direct savings and cashback with many online retailers.

  • Instant discounted cinema tickets

    For all the main cinema brands



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