Payme Umbrella

Comprehensive PAYE services for skilled workers.

Payme Umbrella

Our employed PAYE option gives you all the benefits of being an employee. Meaning you can focus on getting the job done knowing everything else is taken care of. Here’s why.

For less stress – being employed via our umbrella means you get the security of a full employment contract. A contract which will cover you for each and every assignment. So you never have to worry about getting paid.

For more money – our low margins mean you’ll never earn less than you would if paid direct by your agency. Plus you’ll receive holiday pay.

For even more money – employees don’t have to do self-assessment tax returns, but it’s a good idea to do one anyway. You might be owed a tax rebate. We can help with both the tax return and reclaiming overpaid tax – for free.

Key features

It’s the perfect option if you:

  • do or do not fall under supervision, direction or control i
  • work from more than one workplace i within the same assignment.
  • want the benefits of being employed and the reassurance of knowing your tax and NI liabilities are all sorted.
To find out more about our FCSA Accreditation

To find out more about our FCSA Accreditation

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