Payme Construct

A solid option for self-employed CIS contractors.

Payme Construct

Are you a CIS contractor? We provide comprehensive and compliant services to CIS contractors. Want to register as CIS? We can help you apply to the Construction Industry Scheme, secure your status and commence work within that arrangement.

It’s easy – register online using our fastrack system and we’ll ‘auto-verify’ your status using your Unique Reference Number (UTR).

We’re compliant – our CIS services are fully compliant with HMRC regulations giving you complete peace of mind.

We’ll help reduce your paperwork – we will contract with the agency to provide your services and will pay you under our contract with you and, when applicable, deduct CIS tax.

We can help with tax and VAT – we can assist with your self-assessment/tax return. We can also register you for VAT, where appropriate.

Key features

It’s the perfect option if you:

  • are eligible for the Construction Industry Scheme i and
  • do not fall under supervision, direction or control i during your assignment.
  • want to be self-employed long-term.
To find out more about Professional Passport

To find out more about Professional Passport

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