Why choose Payme?

We know that whether you’re a brickie, a driver, a site manager, a teacher, a nurse, an office manager or an engineer, your work is your priority. You don’t want to be invoicing agencies, chasing payment, calculating whether you can claim expenses or worrying about tax and NI contributions.

So let us do all that for you.

Here’s why you should choose us:

It’s tailored – whatever your industry, discipline, skill level and SDC status i, we have a product to suit your needs. Choose the right product for you.

It’s easy – register online using our fastrack system and upload weekly information for quick payment.

It’s low cost – our competitive margins mean more take-home pay for you. There are no hidden charges, no catches.

It’s less hassle – it can be a real pain changing who pays you every time you change agency. With Payme, you don’t have to. You can take us with you wherever you go.

We’re reliable – you’ll have dedicated account managers to answer your questions and resolve any issues (we’re not a call centre!). We’ll discount your next week’s fee if we don’t meet our own high standards.

We’re compliant – we follow all the HMRC regulations and our products have been designed following expert advice from the UK’s leading tax and employment law advisory bodies, which means you can trust us to do things properly.

We’re accurate – our processes and our attention to detail mean you’ll be paid accurately and on time.

We’ll sort your tax, NI and VAT – whether you’re self-employed or employed under our PAYE services, we’ll take care of your tax, NI and VAT liabilities.


Reliable, hassle-free and good value payment services.

To find out more about our FCSA Accreditation

To find out more about our FCSA Accreditation

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