Payme Prime

Fully managed accountancy services for limited company contractors.

Payme Prime

If you are a limited company contractor or want to be, Payme Prime is the perfect option for you. Our fully managed service means you get the benefits of being limited, with none of the hassle.

We’ll do everything on your behalf – from invoicing your agency to submitting annual accounts to Companies House. We’ll also calculate and deduct your personal and employers NI (PAYE) and expenses where applicable.

We’ll do your paperwork – we will sort your invoices, process payments and submit RTI (Real Time Information). All monies are transacted via PAYE.

We’ll manage your accounts – our easy to use, transparent and comprehensive accountancy services include completing your tax return and getting you VAT registered.

Key features

It’s the perfect option if you:

  • do or do not fall under supervision, direction or control during your assignment.
  • are or want to be a limited company.
  • want the reassurance of having everything – from timesheets to invoicing to your accounts – taken care of.
  • are planning on being a contractor in the long-term.


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